Hello, my name is Alexandra Lopez.

I help mothers in the performing arts create a career that inspires them, focuses on their inner selves and helps them find their feet as mothers so they can thrive as women!

Alexandra Lopez

Are you ready to thrive?

Let’s just imagine for a moment how amazing it will feel to KNOW your career goals and have them broken down for you so you can get to work! To feel supported and lifted up on this crazy motherhood journey and to live from a place of peace, where your inner narratives are helpful and inspiring!!

But I'm not just a mentor

My involvement in the Australian Performing Arts industry spans almost two decades and has included roles as an actor, voice artist, dancer and singer.

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Voice Artist - Singer

Actor - Dancer



Join our community of like minded mothers wanting to take their performing arts careers to the next level. 

Performing: All the world’s a stage

To me there is no greater feeling than performing. Whether that be on stage, in a recording studio or down the barrel of a camera.

There is magic to be found for performers in these places. I truly believe it is the closest I come to flying. So yes, I can say that my big dreams have come true and I will always be so grateful for that and the many people who helped me along the way.

However, the journey to here has been one of (sorry to cliché all over you) blood, sweat and many, many tears.

Ali Lopez

Thrive with us

Come and join our community and get set to thrive as mothers and performers.
Bringing you tips and tricks on juggling motherhood, performing careers and our inner selves!