Before I became a mother, I sought out other performing mothers who had done what I wanted to do professionally, to seek their advice on how they juggled both aspects of their lives. I looked at them with starry eyes and I thought to myself, “maybe that’ll be me one day”. No one returned my messages. I was hurt. I now look at it differently; a fault in the industry. Work is often scarce and the competition is fierce. I can see the bigger picture at play here.

No mother-to-be to should feel this way. This is ultimately something that needs to change about our industry. We should strive to create a wholehearted community, to smash down the isolation felt by women in the arts due to competitiveness. It is so much more fulfilling working from a place of abundance. A place where you believe there is a space for everyone. Where women build each other up, not live in isolation and fear of one another.

Hello, my name Alexandra Lopez,

and I help mothers in the performing arts create a career that inspires them, focuses on their inner selves and helps them find their feet as mothers so they can thrive as women!

Work with me

This is what working with me looks like:

1. We chat!

I work intuitively with my clients, which means I take my lead from you and what you tell me you need. We do this over the phone.

2. Work 1:1 with me to find out where you are in relation to the three key areas of:

Your Career.
- Where are you currently at, where do you want to go?
- We will be creating a career blueprint for you.
- Your goals will be broken down into bite sized chunks and an action plan put in place.

- Are you thriving or surviving?
- Are you currently following the crowd or your own heart?
- Do you have sufficient resources and support?

Inner Self.
- Are there old narratives or blocks that are hindering your path?
- Do you feel like you have a handle on unhelpful habits and stories?
- I will give you the toolbox of tips and tricks I use daily to ensure you stay on track of your inner self


3. You can be a part of our private online community. Within this community you will:

1. Meet mothers who echo your thoughts on being a performing mother

2. Be part of a collective for change. Within this community things like competitiveness and isolation will be banished as we work together, not against, one another.

3. Live Q&A with me monthly where you can have questions answered

4. Ongoing support from myself and my team

5. Hear from leading industry experts on topics YOU can decide. We have a team of psychologists, parenting experts, and performers all ready to help out.

6. Be given (if you wish) an accountability buddy to help keep you in check while striving for your goals.

Ready to find out more?

Let's find 15 minutes to chat (free of charge with no obligation) to see if we click.

The telltale signs that some extra support would come in handy

If you’ve read my About Me page, you’ll see that I’ve had my share of swings and roundabouts on my journey in motherhood and the arts.

But I’ve also learned that if you do get a chance to dig deeply into the careers of other mums in the arts, you’ll find their stories also contain many, many layers and patterns of experience, scars, and joy, as well.

I have a collection of questions here for you to skim through, based on my history and the stories of other women I know, and I’m sharing them here because if any of them resonate with you, I know that means you’ll find much value and nurture in the community I am creating. Let’s go.

Do you know what you want in your career, but motherhood has triggered you to rethink or change that vision?

Has your career taken a backseat since starting your family?

Do you miss and long for that creative fix that makes you “you”?

Are you lonely within your career?

Does the feast and famine part of your work get you down?

Are you searching for like-minded mothers you can share the crazy ride of performing and mothering with?

Are you finding motherhood very different from your expectations?
Are you yearning to be both a mother and performer but have no clue how that works?

Are you nervous about where the next job will be coming from and how you will handle that now as a mother?

Have you been wishing there was a manual for navigating your journey?

Do you have unhelpful thoughts or old narratives you live by, that you wish you could change?

Did motherhood bring up a host of unresolved issues from your past, that are keeping you from moving forward?

If any of these questions spoke to you, please know you are in the right place.

A down-to-earth place for realising dreams

Thank you for staying with me this far down the page. There is much I want to share with you about this safe place I’m creating where your dreams can be realised and you can be celebrated for the wonderful mother and woman you are.

I created my mentoring program because I have walked this path. I have held the fears, desires, dreams and blocks in my heart, just like you. You are not alone within this space. You have come home. I want wholeheartedly, for you to thrive, not just survive!

Are you ready to thrive?

Let’s just imagine for a moment how amazing it will feel to KNOW your career goals and have them broken down for you so you can get to work! To feel supported and lifted up on this crazy motherhood journey and to live from a place of peace, where your inner narratives are helpful and inspiring!!

Sounds pretty amazing doesn’t it?

But just before you click below to get started, there are only four things I need from you to make sure we can succeed together:

1. Time: please make every minute count. You don’t need hours. Just minutes.

2. Motivation: A life you love doesn’t happen on its own, you have to want it.

3. Grit: You’ll need to draw upon some stickability to create this awesome life, especially when the going gets tough!

4. Truth: To be true to yourself and search for what YOU want in life.


Let’s start.

With love, respect and admiration,


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